Mojo & Moni

Mojo & Moni – A Love Story at the Edge is a virtuosic and surreal transposition of the triumphs and confrontations of everyday life. The work juxdaposes “New Clown” with unique Aerial Circus Techniques, Live Music and Contemporary Dance. We use a new and simple apparatus, counterweight rope, as a physical metaphor for the ever rebalancing of relationship roles.


A love story at the edge of the world is the story of two flighty & dynamic characters; Mojo & Moni, who are trying to stay grounded in their surprising relationship while flying, dancing and launching each other through the air. The show reveals to the audience a keyhole perspective on the absurd and tragically-comic world of human relationships.
Two everyday super heros who discover the secret worlds and abilities hidden in the potential between them, Mojo & Moni- A Love Story at the Edge of the World, is a dangerous and poetic, comic tour de force.


Direction: Nicole Kehrberger