MAD Projects

MAD Projects (Music-Acrobatic-Dance) is a Berlin based Performance Company working in the genres circus, dance, music, theater and media projection. We work to blur the lines between the art form, concept and technique.

MAD Projects was grounded in 2015 when Howard Katz and his wife, Liz Williams joined forces to create a home for their many artistic collaborations. Howard has been creating and producing work in the field of dance theater, music and circus for over 35 years, in NYC and Europe. Liz has been performing in the field of dance-theater and aerial circus for 20 years. MAD Projects works with an ever moving collection of artists working on various projects, including Yoann Trellu, Matthais Herrmann, Ansgar Tappert, Felix Zoepf, Alex Ambiete, Rosiris Garrido, Karl-Heinz Helmschrot, Peter Sweet, Sven Hagolani and Marc Trivanti. MAD has it’s rehearsal home in Q Space, a space for physical arts training in Berlin-Pankow.